CT Support Group 11 May

The next HD Support Group for Cape Town will take place on 11 May  2017 - there will be a Guest Speaker:

Jolene Wium, a physiotherapist. She will be giving the HASA group further information on everyday physiotherapy techniques which can be used. She will give advice to caregivers on how to care for people affected by HD, as well as how to look after themselves when needing to do heavy lifting. In addition, she will offer some advice for those affected with milder as well as more severe symptoms of HD, in order to help with everyday activities and strength building.

Jolene trained as a physiotherapist at Pretoria University. She has worked in private, as well as public rehabilitative services with a special interest in spinal cord injuries. She currently sits on the board of the Uhambo Foundation, a not for profit organisation focusing on parent and caregiver training of children with mobility disabilities.

The Support Group Schedule will be as follows:

May – Guest speaker
June – Full Group Session
July – Guest speaker
August - Full Group Session
September - Seperate groups for caregivers and those who are gene-positive/suffering from HD
October - Guest speaker
November - Full Group session
December - Annual Support Group Christmas Party

For those of you coming for the first time - here are some more details:

Time:  7pm
Venue: Abbotts College, Greenwood Road, Claremont, 7708

Look out for the large electric gates at the back of the school, there is a security guard and plenty of parking.

There will be some signs to direct you to the room.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on 082 318 3330 /Jessica@huntingtons.org.za