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One of HASA’s top priorities is the development of frail care home/s for people with Huntington’s Disease. HD patients have specialised care needs, so they require specialised care. The home would be for late stage HD patients and a possible sheltered employment programme for the earlier onset individuals. 

HASA Staff

We are in desperate need of funds for salaries, including our Social Worker's salary for another 12 months (from the end of February 2016).

Click here for the renewal of social work proposal for more details!

If every HASA member donates a few hundred rand, it will truly help us to reach our salary targets!

You are all welcome to forward the following document on to any corporate companies in order to become a beneficiary for their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative projects (positive feedback has proven to be limited in this regard thus far so we do need your help!). 

Each company that donates towards HASA will receive a Section 18 A receipt for tax purposes and have their brand advertised on our website. 

Please reference your donation as SALARIES 2016 and email your proof of payment to

How can I assist to raise awareness and funds for HASA:

  • Organize an awareness event about HD in your community.
  • Invite HASA to networking opportunities with other stakeholders (private, public and NGO sector).
  • Assist us in the selling of our merchandise so that we can fund a sustainable income generation project for HD families in need.
  • Lobby with us to get more support.
    Next meeting is 10th February 2017 at 3:30pm (UCT Medical School, Anzio Road Observatory)
    Please RSVP to Bernie Bartnicke on 0731099456


R100k in 100 days for Huntingtons - please click here for information on this fantastic fundraising being done by Peter Crawley

Twitch Documentary screening, 8 February 2015 - please click here for pictures

Raising awareness about HD in Mitchell's Plein, 15 November 2014 in conjunction with Dementia SA and Adult Abuse SA - please click here for pictures

702 Walk the Talk - please click here for pictures

La Capra Goat Walk – Pat Branford took part in the La Capra Goat Walk 2014 on 11 October 2014 in her HASA t-shirt. 


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