Tell us about you:
Hi, my name is Claire and I am 45 years old. I live in Hanover Park and look after my brothers who are suffering from Huntington Disease. I take them for their medical appointments at the clinic and make sure they are washed and have their meals on time.
Tell us about your experience with HD:
It has been the hardest thing –watching my family suffer from this illness. My brothers get so frustrated because they know the illness only gets worse.
Support given thus far:

We get a disability grant that helps pay for transport to the clinic, food and necessary clothes. The doctors and social worker help us with tips to cope with the illness and connect us with resources. Luckily I get emotional support from other family members, from my church and from God.

How you can help:

  • We desperately need a fold up bed because my one brother is sleeping on the floor with a blanket.
  • We need adult diapers and a commode because my other brother can’t make it to the toilet on time and if he does make it then he breaks the toilet seat because of his involuntary movements.
  • A volunteer carer for a few hours on some days would be appreciated when I have to run my own errands.