Tell us about you:

Hi, my name is Carol and I am 45 years old. I am married to Alec who has Huntington Disease and was diagnosed in 2012. We live in Hanover Park with our 2 children. 
Tell us about your experience with HD:
Alec’s late mother suffered from the illness and fought for her life until the very end.
Support given thus far:
Alec gets a Disability Grant which helps a little but I am the sole breadwinner and do my best to support the family. I have 2 children to look after and pets to feed. 
How you can help:

I would really appreciate if we can get donations of clothes for the children or an opportunity for more income. My husband also needs something to do during the day so if there is anyone living in our area that wants to volunteer to spend time with him, this will be great.