Tell us about you as the carer:

Hi my name is Charlette, I am over 60 years old and look after my daughter who is 40 years old and has have been living with Huntington Disease for about 6 years. I help her to look after her son of 7 years old and daughter of 19 years old. We stay in Beaconvalley, Mitchells Plain.
What is your experience with HD:
It is so hard seeing how my daughter is suffering. She used to work for Shoprite and now all she does is eat, sleep and watch TV. She doesn’t speak anymore.
Support given thus far:
She gets a DG and I get a pension. We also come to the clinic for medical help and know about the HASA Angels if I need a home visit.
How you can help:
  • kimbies/ adult nappies
  • Any other support is welcome.