Care Facilities

Residential home options for those over 60 years of age (no guarantee of admission of late stage HD patients)

Details on St Lukes Hospice services

Details on the Western Cape governmental community based services

Legal Resources

List of Private Attorneys in the Western Cape from UCT Law clinic

The following resources could possibly assist if there is a need for an acute short term intervention:

Click here for information on Psychiatric Hospitals in the Western Cape

Click here for information on Cheshire Homes SA

HASA members, please be aware that there are currently no long term placements for late stage HD patients in South Africa. Potential admission to these facilities will be up to the discretion of the facility management team – there is NO guarantee that the presenting symptoms of the patient concerned will fit the facility’s admission criteria.

Our Hunting for Hope Campaign includes all our fundraising efforts to open up residential homes for late stage HD patients across the nation of South Africa, starting in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Our Assisted Living campaign strives to support family members in need of financial and psycho social resources. 

Our palliative care approach will include respite care, specialized training facilities, rehabilitation programs for HD individuals across the spectrum including symptom management & strengths based occupational activities.

Our model will be evidence based as we will be collaborating with international care models for HD such as Topaz in the Netherlands.

Our biggest need is to raise enough funds so please support us: HASA fundraising.

If you need legal advice concerning curatorship, the labour law or domestic affairs in relation to living with HD, you can contact the UCT Law Clinic or UWC Law Clinic.

Robin Trust –

Gauteng facilities

  • Depending on how advanced the illness is, the nearest hospice might be able to help, even if only with advice about places of care, etc. They also offer assistance at home if they can and this won’t cost anything or very little.
  • A caregiver coming in a few days a week might be a short-term answer – contact Celeste from Care Group SA, (084 393 7581). She heads a placement agency for Caregivers and was trained in the UK. She and her caregivers come with very good references.
  • Another option in Johannesburg might be the St Giles Home for the Disabled – or 011 615 7681. Speak to Diane.
  • Blymoedig Kliniek, just outside Pretoria, – They have one HD patient at the moment and are willing to look at taking more if necessary.

Park Care Centre

Physical Address: 36 Escombe avenue, Parktown west, Johannesburg
Postal Address: PO Box 72061, Parkview, 2122
Tel No: 011 482 2060
Fax No: 011 762 8219
Alternative No: 086 621 7555