The Meaning of Marriage

(5-minute Read) I’d had a tough day on business in Cape Town. Now, the evening breeze off Camps Bay cooled me and my second beer. The tranquil remains of the day eased my thoughts into my favourite pastime – contemplating self-transcendence. Love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage… so the song says. […]

Divine Surgery

They may have roots in early childhood. Or they’ve festered since adolescence, or maybe just yesterday. I’m talking about emotional pains caused by incidents that hurt so badly the wounds have never fully healed.  All the blights on our original innocence, big or small, affect our thoughts and emotions for the rest of our lives. […]

The Ape Way

The Ape Way Six million years ago there were no humans. There were only apes. Our ape digestive system evolved to eat in a certain way.  The Healthy Ape Way Apes are still similar to six million years ago. So if you want to know what we evolved to eat, look at modern apes. A […]

Stop Purity Culture

(5-minute Read)  A friend posted an article on Facebook about the ‘purity culture’ prevalent in religion, and particularly in American evangelical Christianity. I was struck by how religious corruptions of modesty have made women into devilish creatures walking around tempting decent men. This religious abomination divides men and women respectively into self-righteous agents of God’s […]

The Veil

(3-Minute Read) What’s your veil? What keeps you from seeing further into reality? Is an attachment to someone restricting your freedom? Or a religion keeping you deluded? Is alcohol, or another drug- maybe a prescribed one – dulling your sensitivity ? Maybe it’s positive psychology, pep talks and self-help gurus that have you blindly affirming, […]

Praying Wrong

(5-Minute Read) – I can’t even tell you how many times I heard, “We’re praying for Gina.” But my wife still deteriorated. She still couldn’t seem to find peace, and she died too young after ten years of suffering. Were all of us praying wrong? Does God answer prayers? I’ve heard the argument that God […]

Look for Yourself

(4-Minute Read) – One of the main themes in my novel On The Fifth Night is mysticism – looking for yourself – knowing truths about reality that are unknowable intellectually. The vast majority of us experience these fleeting tastes of something more to reality. They may come in moments of intimacy, or being in awe […]

Seven Gifts To Increase Productivity

(6-minute Read) – We all have seven gifts within us that we can discover and use to increase our productivity. I first formulated the Seven Aspects of Spiritual Intelligence eighteen years ago, and I wrote a mystical love story that features them two years ago. They are the go-to guides for my relationships and my […]

Jesus Trumps Donald

(5-minute read) Christians proclaim to be followers of Jesus. Many seem to be ardent Donald Trump supporters too. But can you be both? Aren’t they diametrically opposite characters? I argue that you can only follow one at the expense of the other. Jesus, the character The central characteristic of the person of Jesus Christ is […]

A Mystical Tale of Love and the Afterlife

This is the very unusual story of a man who reconciles with both his wives. He is delighted, of course. Who wouldn’t be? But he’s unsettled too. He let Greta die alone six years ago. And Anne recently stopped his fist with her mouth. Yet here they are. Is he crazy? Is he haunted? Death […]